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And we’re in Andheri West too! But that’s where the clichés end.

In Mumbai, a better part of your day is spent commuting. Trains are functional but packed, autos are bumpy rides at best, hitch-hiking can lead to frequent encounters with psychopaths but a Taxi is sheer luxury.

Taxis are available everywhere, you get in, getout and forget about everything else in between. That’s what we aim to be – a bunch of people who offer a hassle free ride to your destination. We take that little germ of an idea from your head, develop it, visualise it, film it and take it to another level.

Call us as you’d call a Taxi. We show up on time. We don't say no to small fares and we won't give you toffees instead of small change.


Taxi Films provides end-to-end production support for

  • TVCs
  • Brand Films
  • Digital / Online media
  • Non-Fiction / T.V.
  • Explainer Videos
  • Corporate AVs
  • Short films
and practically everything that involves the audiovisual media.

Our cohort has handled different production profiles for some of the biggest brands in the business, which has given us loads of interesting anecdotes. Anecdotes apart, it has also given us a team that is fully prepared to handle complicated production issues, hectic schedules and talent tantrums (phew!).

Share/ Call/ Mail/ Text/ Whatsapp a concept/ idea/ brief/ script/ passing thought and we will drive the befitting solution to your doorstep. We are not (yet) an award winning bunch of producers, simply because producers don’t win awards. They apply common sense, logic and foresight, especially when not using a calculator or supervising auditions sitting on a certain couch.


  • TVCs
  • Brand Films
  • Non-Fiction / T.V.
  • Digital/Online Media
  • Explainer Videos
  • Corporate AVs
  • Short Film
  • Music Videos

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